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Interviews with mystery authors/reviews of mystery books


American Way: Man of Mystery: Q&A with Harlan Coben

Costco Connection: Interview with Karin Slaughter

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
The author and his agent
Harlan Coben’s alter ego signs athletes, solves murders — and loves his parents

Harlan Coben is out of breath. The mystery writer has just run five blocks and is now trying to orient himself to the the hoopla that is the New York is Book Country street fair, a mile-long stretch of book sales and author appeareances on Fifth Avenue.
“They were having a bike race, and they stopped traffic right at my car,” the author says, leaning his trim 6-foot-4-inch frame slightly forward, huffing and puffing, yet still towering over his bookseller friends. “I came via the Panama Canal over the Andes.” …

The Denver Post
Suspense queen sails two ships
Interview with Mary Higgins Clark

The Denver Post
Crime novelist turns to shorter story forms

Interview with Laura Lippman
You might not expect an author who explores the dark side of humanity to be singing “My Funny Valentine” or “Isn’t It Romantic?” every week.

The Denver Post
Anthologies require fine sleuthing

Profile of mystery-book expert Otto Penzler

The Denver Post
Success is golden for this dog lover

Interview with David Rosenfelt
David Rosenfelt loves a good mystery — and a good dog.


Cracking Cases — And Heads
Infernal Angels (Loren D. Estleman)

Philadelphia Inquirer
The Most Dangerous Thing (Laura Lippman)

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Review of The Professionals (Owen Laukkanen)

USA Today
Chick lit gets mixed up with the mob
Dating Dead Men (Harley Jane Kozak)
Dating can be murder. …

USA Today
Kidnapping sets off a father’s frantic search

No Second Chance (Harlan Coben)
New dad Marc Seidman has it all: a lovely wife, a perfect 6-month-old
daughter and a globe-trotting practice as a pediatric reconstructive
surgeon. …The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly thriller stands alone in dark corner
Devil’s Corner (Lisa Scottoline)
Among the more captivating aspects of Lisa Scottoline’s mysteries are the female characters she creates: smart, funny, flawed, and so real they could be your girlfriends or neighbors. …

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Munch Mancini plumbs the underworld of drugs

An Unacceptable Death (Barbara Seranella)
Barbara Seranella’s books might best be described as “true grit.” The California author pulls from her own troubled past in peppering her acclaimed mystery series starring auto mechanic Miranda “Munch” Mancini with street-savvy authenticity. …

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Weiner flavors newest chick-lit with a mystery

Goodnight Nobody (Jennifer Weiner)
Jennifer Weiner tells it like it is.
She tells what it’s like to be an educated, ambitious woman forced to play Candy Land for hours on end. She tells what it’s like to see your husband jet off to work, then come home and surf the Web while you try desperately to keep three toddlers from climbing out of the bathtub. …

The Denver Post
Hart a unique voice of prose, suspense

King of Lies (John Hart)
When you think of literature, thrillers don’t usually come to mind. …

The Denver Post
Dear Tess untangles new web
By a Spider’s Thread (Laura Lippman)

Tess is back. …

The Denver Post
California surfing cool backdrop in PI’s hunt for his former flame

Killer Swell (Jeff Shelby)
Surfing isn’t just for the beautiful young dudes and dudettes of sleepy beach cities looking for a thrill. For private investigator Noah Braddock, it’s his salvation.
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