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Interviews with fiction authors/reviews of fiction books


American Way: Man of Mystery: Q&A with Harlan Coben

Costco Connection: Interview with Lynn Cullen

MSN: Ten Buzz-Worthy Books for Young Adults

The Denver Post: All of my heroines save themselves/Q&A with author Jennifer Weiner
With four best-selling books, a new movie based on one of her novels and Hollywood knocking at her door with more deals, you would think Jennifer Weiner would be sitting home congratulating herself. …

The Denver Post: “Marley” author is surprised at ruckus/Profile of author John Grogan
Often when John Grogan visits bookstores to sign copies of his best-selling book about life with his Labrador retriever, Marley, he has to compete for the spotlight. …

The Denver PostEx-junior leaguer knows her characters/Interview with author Linda Francis Lee
Linda Francis Lee will be the first to tell you that she has worn diamonds before 6 p.m. and even – gasp! – adorned her feet with stiletto heels during the day.
No big deal for most people, but for a society lady, well, that simply isn’t done.

The Denver Post: Mapping the West, through the eyes of a 12-year-old genius/ Interview with Reif Larsen

The Denver Post: Interview with Jon Scieszka
Growing up with five brothers, Jon Scieszka was
more likely to bop one of his siblings on his head
than politely ask him to pass the butter.

Brown Alumni Magazine: Of Medicine and the Mob/Interview with author Josh Bazell


The Denver Post: Subtleties flavor vignettes of Latino culture/Every Night is Ladies’ Night (Michael Jaime-Becerra)
“Every Night is Ladies’ Night” is the title of Michael Jaime-Becerra’s debut book of short stories, but it could have just as aptly been called “Every Night is a Struggle.

The Denver Post: Riding a wave of youth/The Highest Tide (Jim Lynch)
Miles O’Malley is a 13-year-old boy who looks like he’s 9, talks like he’s 30, and has the heart of an old soul. …

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Girl’s tale told in verse/Pieces of Georgia (Jennifer Bryant)
At first consideration, a story told in poetry might lead some readers to say “No, thanks.” But after reading Pieces of Georgia you’ll wonder if the tale could be told any other way. …

The Denver Post: Mommy lit’s new heroine, from Africa to L.A./Making It Up As I Go Along (Maria T. Lennon)
Motherhood, a topic that doesn’t hold a lot of panache in social situations, has become a hot topic in another area – popular fiction. And for good reason. …

The Denver Post: Men faithful to diet can cheat on their wives/The High-Impact Infidelity Diet (Lou Harry and Eric Pfeffinger)
An overweight woman trying to lose weight isn’t particularly funny. But a portly man on a diet, for some reason, that’s comical. Up the ante to a trio of 300-pound men trying to get down to 210 and you have a laugh riot. …
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