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Interviews with non-fiction authors; reviews of non-fiction books


The Washington Post
Parents Spread Their Wings

The Empty Nest (edited by Karen Stabiner)

Mama, don’t let your kids grow up to be independent. Maybe then you won’t suffer the longing felt by the parents in The Empty Nest. …

The Denver Post
Essays on beliefs touch all bases
This I Believe (Edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman)

How to Squash Bad Habits

Author Charles Duhigg on changing habits

The Denver Post
A world of wildlife in her own backyard

Suburban Safari: A Year on the Lawn (Hannah Holmes)

A key character in Hannah Holmes’ newest book is cute, cuddly and cunning. He’s also a chipmunk. ..


American Way/Q&A with Yvonne Ruperti, author, One Bowl Baking

Anna Quindlen on Getting Better with Age
Q&A with Anna Quindlen

SecondAct/A.J. Jacob’s Quest for Perfection/Q&A with A.J. Jacobs

More Magazine
Q&A with Ellen Sussman, author of “Bad Girls”

The Denver Post
Her tall tale is all true

Wherever she goes, Arianne Cohen knows “the question” is coming … .

The Denver Post
“Marley” author is surprised at ruckus

Profile of author John Grogan
Often when John Grogan visits bookstores to sign copies of his best-selling book about life with his Labrador retriever, Marley, he has to compete for the spotlight. …

Philadelphia Style
We Love the ’90s

Q&A with author Jason Rekulak
Jason Rekulak remembers the ’90s all too well. So much that this 35-year old Philadelphian created Let’s Paint the ’90s, a coloring book for grown-ups featuring nostalgic images such as Ricky Martin shaking his bon-bon and Nancy Kerrigan rebounding from a smashed knee. …

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
Demystifying science for kids
Profile of author Deborah Heiligman
A non-scientist, Deborah Heiligman likes to joke that her specialty is writing books on topics she knows nothing about.

Pennsylvania Gazette/University of Pennsylvania Alumni Magazine
The Power of Choice
Interview with author Sheena Iyengar

The Pennsylvania Gazette/University of Pennsylvania Alumni Magazine
Interview with television personality Bill Boggs
Bill Boggs cannot stop asking questions. …

Brown Alumni Magazine
Living the Good Life
Q&A with author A.J. Jacobs
A.J. Jacobs is not a religious man. …

Brown Alumni Magazine
Trading Fast Tracks
Q&A with author David M. Gross
A decade ago David M. Gross ’89 sported finely tailored suits as befitted someone working on mega-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions for a New York City law firm. Today he eyes motorcycle parts while walking around a factory in Bologna, Italy… .

Brown Alumni Magazine
Looking for a job?
Interview with Hannah Seligson
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