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Interviews with Children’s Books Authors/Reviews of Children’s Books


Stuck In The Middle
Interview with Jeff Kinney
Author-cartoonist Jeff Kinney helps kids find humor amidst middle-school mayhem

The Denver Post
Interview with Jon Scieszka

Growing up with five brothers, Jon Scieszka was
more likely to bop one of his siblings on his head
than politely ask him to pass the butter.

The Denver Post
Mapping the West, through the eyes of a 12-year-old genius

Interview with Reif Larsen

The Denver Post
Succeed, then worry

Q&A with author Kate DiCamillo
It’s hard to believe that Kate DiCamillo would have much to worry about. She has won the top prize in children’s literature, has seen her books become best sellers and has had a book turned into a major motion picture. But DiCamillo worries . …

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
Demystifying science for kids
Profile of author Deborah Heiligman

The Washington Post: Review of Valentine’s Day Books
The Washington Post: Review of Holiday Picture Books
The Washington Post: Thanksgiving Books To Read With Your Kids 

The Washington Post: Review of Imaginary Fred
The Washington Post: Review of Peanut Butter & Brains
The Washington Post: The Day The Crayons Came Home 
The Washington Post: Review of What Pet To Get, by Dr. Seuss
The Washington Post: Review of A Handful of Stars

msnCauses: 10 Buzz-Worty Books for YA

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Girl’s tale told in verse

Pieces of Georgia (Jennifer Bryant)
At first consideration, a story told in poetry might lead some readers to say “No, thanks.” But after reading Pieces of Georgia you’ll wonder if the tale could be told any other way. …
The Denver Post
Riding a wave of youth

The Highest Tide (Jim Lynch)
Miles O’Malley is a 13-year-old boy who looks like he’s 9, talks like he’s 30, and has the heart of an old soul. …


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