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How I Became the Nation’s Oldest NFL Cheerleader

The Sweet (and Vegan) Life of a Cupcake Queen

Entrepreneur Cashes in on Money-Saving Tips

Sprucing Up Supper

Denise Vivaldo’s omelet, prepared for a cooking segment of the Donny & Marie talk show several years ago, looked so delicious that co-host Donny Osmond wanted to take a bite.

From Marketing Exec to (Oscars) Fashion Designer
Profile of designer Camilla Olson

3 Rockin’ Guitar Second Acts


This Nurse Wears a Tool Belt

Drexel University: Profiles of professors

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
Helping young women to fly up
Profile of Sharon Smith
Right about now, Sharon Smith is out buying extra plastic ponchos in case it rains during her organization’s forthcoming event.
Just like a Girl Scout to be prepared. …

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
Swell on Wheels
Profile of Hannah and Rachel Leone

When teenage sisters Hannah and Rachel Leone go roller-skating, they don’t gossip with their friends or gush over the latest boy band. They’re too busy perfecting their triple axels and double loops. …

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine

A purist restorer of golf courses puts his touches on Newtown Square’s Aronimnk Golf Club: 
Profile of Ron Prichard
Ron Prichard’s first step when he starts a project is to go on a treasure hunt. His quest: finding original golf-course sketches that may date back 100 years. In his search, he has gone through old papers in clubhouse attics all over the country. …

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
Demystifying science for kids
Profile of author Deborah Heiligman

A nonscientist, Deborah Heiligman likes to joke that her speciality is writing books on topics she knows nothing about.

Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine
On call to new mothers
Profile of Heather Sliwinski

In many ways, Heather Sliwinski is like any other 33-year-old mother of six. She gets the children ready for school, makes lunches, goes to football games, and cooks dinner for eight.
But all the while, she is on call. …

Philadelphia Business Journal
Bilenky Cycle Works makes bikes that are pieces of art
Like most 10-year-olds, Stephen Bilenky loved riding his bicycle around the neighborhood. Unlike a lot of kids, though, as soon as he got a bike, he began taking it apart. …

Philadelphia Business Journal
Business profile of Women’s Investment Network
When Anne-Marie Corner, co-founder of a local biotechnology company, needed substantial funding to keep her business going, she was luckier than many women business owners. …

Philadelphia Business Journal
The Chew Crew: Putting new look on old local fave
Carl Goldenberg, one of the owners of Goldenberg Candy Co., got a call from a customer a while back that he still finds hard to swallow.

Philadelphia Business Journal Shell Game
Palmer International finds a niche with cashew nuts
Six months ago, 51-year-old Palmer International Inc. did something it had never done before: It borrowed money. And not just a little: It borrowed $3.1 million.

Philadelphia Business Journal
Lynne Abraham: A D.A. and problem-solver

Anyone who comes into contact with Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham would surely think of a tough, tenacious prosecutor you don’t want to tangle with.

Philadelphia Business Journal
Cooking up a sweet deal with a delicious French twist
When Maribel and Didier Leroux decided to open a bakery and tea room in Philadelphia, they needed a little more help than most new entrepreneurs.
The young couple would not only be starting a new business, but also relocating themselves and their two small children from their home — in France. …

Philadelphia Business Journal
“Sticky stories” on CD-ROM appeal to children’s market

It’s only fitting that Bhana Grover would choose a story about Ganesha, the Indian god of beginnings, to launch her first CD-ROM for children.

Philadelphia Business Journal
NewAge Industries: A lesson in old-fashioned caring

When it comes to rewarding its employees, NewAge Industries Inc. aims not just at the wallet but also at the taste buds. For 20 years, it has given employees reaching their five-year anniversaries a complimentary dinner once a month at local upscale restaurant, the William Penn Inn.

Philadelphia Business Journal
Hold Onto Your Hat
Few people would consider wearing a felt replica of a toilet on their head in the middle of pitching a business deal. Even fewer would wear a faux can of Spam on their noggin to help their cause.
For Robert Berman, it’s all part of drumming up sales for the outlandish hats and costumes he manufactures at his Camden County company, Rasta Imposta.

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